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Louie’s P.O.V:

At first I didn’t believe the words coming out of Daisies mouth; I had gotten so used to missing him every day that I had merely pushed the thought of seeing him again back into my conscience. I thought it was hopeless. Nevertheless, I did my best of cheering up the others when their spirits faded; especially Dewey. He had the tendency to bury himself in dark thoughts, trying to get rid of them with hours in front of the computer, researching every relevant piece of information out there. It only lead to a lack of sleep and overindulging in coffee. It wasn’t healthy. So I always tried to put a smile on his face. Some days it proved impossible, but it was the only thing keeping me going; I didn’t have the brains or critical eye of Dewey, so I was useless when it came to anything law-related.
I mostly just sat there when he was researching, trying to be of some moral support or get him coffee when he needed it. Or I vented through sports; I had taken a liking to basketball lately. I just discovered both weightlifting and kickboxing, and I loved every bit of it. So, needless to say, I was in the best shape ever. That’s probably why I could make my way to our loft room so quickly. I just couldn’t wait to tell Dewey! He would be thrilled!

Dewey’s P.O.V:

«Dewey!» I jumped at the sudden yelling of my name and quickly turned off the computer. The floppy disks I had used to skilfully download what I could possibly find of relevant information was quickly thrown into the drawer at hand, and I spun around in the chair to face whoever was making their way through the trapdoor to our room. «Dewey, you gotta come downstairs, quick!» Louie’s green cap made its way over the ledge before I saw his wide eyed expression and the happiness tracing his features. He was far too exited to notice the guilty look on my face - i was never very good at hiding stuff, especially to him, so I let out a revealed sigh despite the fact that I had just been disrupted during important research. Although it was important work, this was probably more urgent judging from the rapid speed Louie had down the stairs.
After all, Huey wasn’t going anywhere in a while - or so I thought! Jumping off the chair I followed him, now rather curious of what had been going down in my absence. I heard the sound of Daisies voice before I saw her standing in the middle of the kitchen floor with a wide grin on her face as Uncle D and Louie was both reading out loud from a piece of paper. «What’s going on?» I asked Daisy, as neither of the others seemed to notice me and it was rather hard to make out the context of what being said with all of Louie’s exited outcries and Uncle Ds tearstained voice. She turned to me with a smile on her face; «Dewey! Great news, Huey is being moved to medium security!» Daisy proceeded to give me a hug, as i took in the information given; did this really mean what I thought it meant…? «Does this mean… we can see him again?» the disbelief in my voice made her let go of me; «Yes, when everything is done and settled, he has the right to have visitors!» I couldn’t help the smile growing on my face, despite the fact that I still couldn’t quite believe it after dealing with his complete absence from our everyday lives. Months of waiting, weeks of constant research, hours of composing letters that never received an answer, after what felt like years without your big brother…
Still, every day since he was locked away still centred around Huey, in one way or another. Sometimes his name was mentioned so often that I could forget he wasn’t actually around - I expected to find him fixing his hair, loudly announcing that he had finally found a way to «take over the world» or making up excuses to talk to the pretty girl he just saw pass down the street. But by the time I made it to our room, I would see his neatly tidied bed and was once again reminded of where he actually spent his time these days. But despite the difficulties I had dealing with the fact that he was missing, I was lucky enough to have something that held my  head over water - actively  taking the case of proving him innocent in my hands was both my way of coping and the only hope I had that he could be freed before the time ran out for us all. Not to mention it was a way of making up for the terrible decision I had made back then - what actually sent him to prison in the first place. My shame and guilt was the main force behind my endless efforts, along with the hope of seeing his face again without the hardened expression and the scarred wrists I feared would characterize him in the future.
And then suddenly all the worries and fears came tumbling, after a few moments of happiness; «What if… he don’t wanna see us?» my voice sounded so weak in my own ears, and i struggled with the thought of this finally tearing the three of us apart. Louie suddenly quieted down as he turned to stare at me with disbelief in his eyes, as if the thought hadn’t even hit him. I immediately regretted outing those words by the look on his face but i knew that deep down he knew there was a possibility that he blamed us - which he really had every right to do. But instead of facing that fact I knew Louie had been burying it deep down under layers of hope and neglect. Daisy sat down in front of me, taking my hands as she looked sternly at me; «We have been through this before Dew. Your brother would never blame you for this. This is not your fault. Accept that.»
I nodded hesitantly; «Ok.» Truth was, I really hoped he didn’t. I..we missed him so. Daisy smiled at me, pleased with my answer. I just hoped she was right.
Yeah... i have been gone for a long time :tears: Problems on a personal level...
But now im back :) Hopefully for a longer time around :heart: Missed you all :heart: :glomp: Especially you :iconcakenoodlepaddy: :heart:
Santana :D
Because i missed QP and all the amazing people here :meow: so i came back to you and this glorious fandom :heart: I missed you all so much! :heart: This beautiful duck, Sanatana, belongs to the forever amazing :iconcakenoodlepaddy: :meow: I hope you like it hun :glomp: (Its the lovechild of Huey and Launchpad btw :meow: )


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Journal Entry: Mon Sep 1, 2014, 10:45 AM

Sry about my language, ehhehhe!
Anyway, im just telling everyone out there that im finally back from my hiatus! :)
Although i might not be as active as before until christmas since ill be preparing for exams i will still be around; finishing my fic, drawing stuff and talking wirh good friends! :heart:

Ill use the oppertunity to say how good of a friend my dear :iconcakenoodlepaddy: is and that i adore her so much! :heart:
Ill also give a shoutout to this awesome new ally (hehhe) Noodle introduced me to, :iconannamcquack: :squee:
I hope we all will have alot of fun from now on, and for the two of you (Noodle and Anna) im drawing a little thing including our three aliases! :meow: I hope you are as exited as me! ;)

Hoping for new adventures and happy times! :la:

Hugs and kisses,
Ducky :heart:

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